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At Go the Distance Coaching, we know that every swimmer is different in terms of their technique needs and the way and speed at which they learn to move in new ways in the water. You are highly encouraged to call Coach Casey at the phone number above to discuss your needs and learning style to identify the best option for you. The typical ways she works with swimmers are described below for your reference. Coach Casey works with adult swimmers. Experienced teen clients will also be accepted.

Swim video analysis ($100/1.25 hr session)

Humans are visual creatures, but it's hard to see what you're doing above and below the water when you're swimming, and to know how to change it to breathe easier and swim more efficiently and with more power. A 1.25 hr swim video session and swim lesson with Coach Casey can change all that and put you on the road to a PR. Sessions take place at Sendero Springs Pool in Round Rock ($100). Book your lesson today! Please click the button below for all the details.

"The video analysis was exactly what I needed. I've been swimming my entire life, but when you go for extended periods of time without a coach you tend to pick up some bad habits. The video analyis was exactly what I needed to get back on track and pull my 100 times back down into the 1:30's where they used to be. Improvements were immediate, Casey really knows her stuff!!" -- Rena B.

"I learned so much from my video analysis today! I have recently started (again) to try to swim. I have quit in frustration several times in the past. Casey watched me swim, video taped me swimming and then carefully reviewed the video with me and pointed out what I needed to work on. This clarified the things that are holding me back. By the end of this one session, I was already swimming stronger." -- Judy S.

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Private 45 min swim lessons ($45)

  • Click the "Schedule appointment" button to book your lesson (F 11-1pm, Sat 1:30-3:30pm)
  • All athletes will be coached according to Swim Smooth swim technique methods.
  • Lessons are at Sendero Springs Pool in Round Rock
  • 45 min lessons do not include video.
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"Just wanted to let you know how great and beneficial your coaching has been. I have watched a lot of swim coaching over the years with three kids who are swimmers. You are among the best!" -- Sarah S.

FREE Off-season Swim Workout Guide

On the look-out for swimming advice that is consistent and works? Learning to swim better using YouTube and the advice of random people at your gym can be frustrating. If we can't get together for a swim lesson in the near future, please request your free copy of my off-season swim workout guide here, and get a sneak peek at how I train my athletes to swim better using targeted drills and intervals.

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