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Go the Distance Coaching is pleased to offer A4 logo tech t-shirts, Hammer Nutrition fuels and supplements, Skratch Labs Hydration Mixes, Clif Shot Bloks, Beet Elite NeoShot, Finis swim products and Tri Tats for sale to Austin's endurance athletes. Visit our retail location inside Active Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation in downtown Round Rock (102 E. Main Street) or contact Coach Casey directly to place your order for pick-up or delivery within the greater Austin area. Pay by cash or check and get 15% off your first order! Or ask how your training group can get a GTDC discount.

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Go the Distance tech T-shirts $20
Women's M & L and men's L & XL in stock! Contact Coach Casey to order.

Hammer Nutrition products
Gel, HEED, Perpeteum, Recoverite, Endurolytes and more! Hammer Nutrition products are "clean" and really work -- many are organic or gluten free, and all supplements are pharmaceutical grade. Our retail location at Active Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation (102 E. Main Street, Round Rock) stocks single serving sizes of Hammer gel, Recoverite and Hammer Whey Protein, as well as the 11-flavor gel sampler, "run hard, recover fast" sampler kit, Endurolytes capsules and four flavors of Endurolytes Fizz tablets (Grapefruit, Lemon-Lime, Mango and Grape). Short fueling and long fueling starter kits are also available to help you find your favorite gel, HEED or Perpeteum, and Recoverite flavors. Refer to the Hammer Nutrition website to choose your nutrition and supplement products. Then contact Coach Casey by email, text or phone to place your special order! Pay no shipping costs and receive personal service -- we are here to answer your questions and deliver added value.

Skratch Labs Hydration mixes
All-natural hydration to be used during exercise or during everyday activities in the heat. Exercise hydration mix comes in delicious Raspberries, Pineapples, Oranges and Lemons & Limes flavors in either single-serving packets or 1 lb bags. For those who need additional calories, easily-digested whole food sources are recommended.

Clif Shot Bloks
The "candy" that keeps you going through your runs and rides! GTDC currently stocks orange, dark cherry, tropical, strawberry, mountain berry and cran-razz at Active Sports Therapy and Rehab as well as for home delivery.

Tri Tats
Say good-bye to smeary race numbers for good! Try these snazzy number tattoos instead. Contact Coach Casey to get your hands on a Pro Pack of 2 inch numbers (black with white outline) that will last the whole season. Race-day packs are also available for $4.

FINIS Inc swim products
We stock the Tempo Trainer Pro, a wonderful little swim metronome that can help you even out your stroke timing, improve your cadence, and teach you to evenly pace yourself on long intervals. Also great for dialing in your cadence on bike and run. Check out a great review of this swim tool on Agility Paddles help you keep positive pressure between your hand and the water for more power and better technique.

Trigger Point Therapy
Let Dr. Seth Wagenblast of Active Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation help you avoid and heal from overuse injuries with the application of active release therapy. Purchase the Trigger Point Therapy tools used in his practice here. Don't miss his free Trigger Point Therapy classes at Hill Country Running Company on W. Parmer Ave. on Monday evenings, or schedule a free injury evaluation on Wednesday mornings. See for more information.

Never leave home without it! Order wrist and ankle ID bracelets direct from Road ID for a nice low price. It could save your life.

Contact Coach Casey to ask how your triathlon, cycling or running training team can be sponsored by Go the Distance Coaching and receive discounts and education on all our products!

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Training teams: Northwest Family YMCA tetCapitol of Texas Team Survivor aaaSisters Tri-ing Austin

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