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Triathlon bike riderFor many triathletes, the swim is the most daunting, and perhaps frustrating, of the three sports. If your swimming is slower or less efficient than you want it to be, having an experienced coach help you iron out your issues can be gamechanging! I'm Casey Arendt, and my passion is helping triathletes swim better. I offer premiere level swim video analysis and private adult swim lessons in Round Rock, TX to help you swim more efficiently. If you're stuck, and don't know how to get faster in the water, I can give you the insight and tools you need!

Bored at the pool? Swimming for an hour straight with no structure? I offer 18 week programs for Ironman and Ironman 70.3 distance swim legs that will keep your sessions interesting, teach you how to pace yourself, and get you out of the water fast at your next race. Contact me via email for more information.

GTDC Swimming Services at a Glance:

  • Video and private lessons: Find improved confidence, efficiency and power in the water! Coach Casey offers intensive one-on-one swim coaching with video analysis by appointment. See how triathletes from Austin, Waco, Houston, San Antonio and beyond have learned to swim better in one 1.25 hr session by visiting our YouTube channel. 45 minute private swim lessons without video capture are also available if you prefer.
  • 18 week swim plans: Racing Ironman in 2021 and worried about the time cut-off? If you plan to self-coach for your next (or first!) Ironman, you want to go to the pool every time with a plan you know will work to get you ready for race day. These 2 and 3 swims per week plans have done just that for many swimmers who are in the 2:15-1:30/100y pace range. Email me at casey @ gothedistancecoaching dot com to access 18-week Ironman or IM70.3 swim plans ($30 each), so you can get out of the water fast AND fresh for your bike leg!!
  • Free written swim workouts: Do you usually swim without any structure to your sessions, and then wonder why you're not getting faster? Swimming fast for a long time requires interval training and consistent focus on better technique - that's what you will find in my paid Ironman and Ironman 70.3 swim plans. If you'd like a preview of that interval training, request instant access to my off-season swim workout guide here.


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