Thank you for 12 wonderful years!

It's with a sense of sadness but also excitement that I'm announcing my "retirement" from triathlon swim coaching effective Oct 16, 2021.

If you are looking for a triathlon swim coach in the Austin area, I urge you to join the Austin Triathlon Club and connect with the coaches aligned with that group.

See you at the races!

-Casey Arendt

Recommended Triathlon Swimming Resources:

  • I highly recommend the resources offered by Swim Smooth, although I have no experience with their more recent Apple/Garmin-based feedback app. You can find their prior website here: Their "swim types" information can be found here: . Their YouTube channel is also a useful resource.
  • 18 week swim plans for IM 70.3 and Ironman: If you plan to self-coach for your next (or first!) Ironman, you want to go to the pool every time with a plan you know will work to get you ready for race day. These 2 and 3 swims per week plans have done just that for many swimmers who are in the 2:15-1:30/100y pace range. Email me at casey @ gothedistancecoaching dot com to access 18-week Ironman or IM70.3 swim plans ($30 each), so you can get out of the water fast AND fresh for your bike leg!!
  • Free written swim workouts: Do you usually swim without any structure to your sessions, and then wonder why you're not getting faster? Swimming fast for a long time requires interval training and consistent focus on better technique - that's what you will find in my paid Ironman and Ironman 70.3 swim plans. If you'd like a preview of that interval training, request instant access to my off-season swim workout guide here.
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